Climate monitoring

Climate monitoring for agriculture involves the systematic observation and analysis of weather and climate conditions to support efficient and sustainable agricultural practices. The requirements for climate monitoring in agriculture are diverse and encompass various aspects.

The Weather Data Collection Involves collecting real-time weather data such as temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed, and direction. This data helps farmers understand the current weather conditions and make informed decisions about planting, irrigation, and crop management.

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Climate monitoring

Whether you're monitoring the weather conditions,

We offer a comprehensive selection of sensors and stations designed to meet the diverse needs of agricultural operations of all sizes.

Full Weather Stations

Reports growing degree days, delta-T, fire danger, chill hours & portions, mildew index, and Evapotranspiration.

Rain Gauge Station

Simple cost-effective rainfall reporting

Compact Weather Station

All-in-one sensor with no moving parts has low maintenance

Temp & Humidity Station

Air humidity and temperature monitoring with alerts.

Hay-dew Station

Accurate humidity sensor designed for long-term outdoors operation.

Retrofit Packages

Attach existing weather station sensors to a gateway to get superior graphs, alerts and fleet management.

Other Solutions

We offer a range of  sensors designed to help you optimize your irrigation practices and maximize water efficiency.

Flow Monitoring

Continuously monitor flow rates and volume remotely to see exactly how much water you're putting on the field and when

Water Level Monitoring

Know exactly how much water you have available and how quickly you are using it.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

See how much water is in your soil from your phone. Know when and how much to irrigate.