More than just an agricultural company

We are dedicated to know the needs of our customers and fostering their growth. This commitment drives everything we do and makes us aspire to excellence, quality, reliability and flexibility.

All our products are the culmination of creative development processes, advanced technologies and top-of-the-line materials, and have unique mechanical, optical and thermal characteristics that guarantee greater durability, excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions, controlled light penetration , better resistance to dust, less pest activity and much more.

Focused on technological innovation and operational excellence, we offer innovative and customized solutions to improve productivity and optimize and manage light, climate, growing conditions and resources for growers around the world.

Pioneers in agricultural solutions.

We offer integral solutions for the agricultural sector throughout the American Continent.

Specialized plastic films focused on achieving the highest productivity for your crops, achieving great uniformity in the plant that allows our clients to have earliness, quality and a better window for the commercialization of their products.

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Protect your crops from harmful contaminants with our trusted water testing services with a comprehensive water quality analysis to ensure optimal crop growth

Customized agriculture solutions tailored to your specific needs and maximize your farming potential with our professional agriculture advice.


Focusing on technological innovation and operational excellence, we leverage our extensive knowledge


We are interested in providing a comprehensive solution that maximizes crop productivity and exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Constant improvement

Continually seeking and proposing improvements in the performance of our work system

“... Dedicated to know the needs of our customers and fostering their growth.!...”

Javier Ochoa. CEO